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Your Story, Your Love, Your Wedding

Henry was voted Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Miami and runs an International Studio awarded "Best of Weddings 2012-2016 and Hall of Fame inductee."  We are a boutique studio and dedicate ourselves exclusively to photographing weddings for our discriminating Brides. This allows us to focus all of our attention on you.  We pride ourselves on offering our brides a one-of-a-kind, first-class experience and guarantee a fun, stress free environment throughout the entire process.  Henry is a hopeless romantic, he believes that love will come to those whose hearts are open and believe in life's most beautiful mystery - love & marriage.

Maybe it's silly, but I love weddings!  The incredible thought of marrying the love of your life is an amazing event.  Not everybody gets lucky or fortunate enough to have this happen, so if you're one of the lucky few - I want to photograph your wedding!!!​

                                                                                                                - Henry Orth