South Point Park Engagement session: Lissette + Miguel

It all started when Lissette met her best friend’s brother (Miguel), not long ago. They saw each other several times before he made the first move, but these two lovebirds were meant to be since the beginning.

On his birthday she gave him a great surprise, a Caribbean cruise. He didn’t want to waste any more time and had already decided he wanted her to be his wife. So he forged his own surprise for her. “I’m going to make her my 30th birthday”.

So when the moment was right on a beautiful stared filled night, he got down in one knee at the bow of the ship and took out the ring. Completely taken by surprise, she took the ring and was speechless, he then asked, “Is that a yes?” It was more than a yes as they kissed and committed to each other a love that will last a lifetime.

As they prepared to get married next year, they planned a beach engagement photo session in South Point Park last week. We laughed and enjoyed a fun day with them, and loved every story they shared with us. Lissette and Miguel, you guys overflow with love and joy all the time. We are very excited to be part of your first day as husband and wife.

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