Birch State Park and Las Olas Engagement: Michelle + Amit

She went on the worst date of her life and she had enough. Michelle told her best friend Tori, she was going to take a break from dating. Her friend mentioned she knew a really great guy and connected them via Facebook. One single message turned into hours of online conversations until they finally decided to meet for coffee, even though neither of them really drank coffee.

They quickly connected over their love for sushi and family, and their relationship turned into a lifelong commitment of love and fun. After dating for 5 years, Amit asked Michelle to be his wife on a romantic and unforgettable trip to Israel. They hiked the famous mountain of Masada as the sun was rising, and he surprised her when he got down on one knee. He proposed overlooking the golden light, of the warm and rosy glow of the sun.

They are planning the perfect wedding at the Temple Beth Torah in Aventura Miami. In the meantime we photographed their engagement at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale, the perfect background for their love story.

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