Rusty Pelican Miami Wedding: Courtney + Julio

It was just about them, and not the rest of the world. Courtney and Julio committed to having a private moment and enjoying each other’s company alone. He was waiting so anxiously for his bride to be, thrilled to have his first looks. Waking towards her groom, Courtney had a smile that lit up the entire terrace of the Mutiny Hotel. As witnesses of the joyful moment, we were honored to photograph how these lovebirds laughed, kissed and embraced the love that they have for each other.

The Rusty Pelican was the perfect location for a wedding. With the beauty of the Miami Skyline as the background, Courtney and Julio promised their love to each other. As they exchanged rings, it was no doubt that this was the moment of their dreams.

The afternoon continued with love and the fun that only these two families could bring together. The reception was one where family and friends shared with the bride and groom their well wishes, hopes and blessings for a bright future.

Courtney and Julio thank you for inviting us to document your first day as husband and wife. We hope you dedicate your life to learn how to love each other and to always remember your wedding day as the beginning of a beautiful and adventurous journey.

The amazing team:

Venue: Rusty Pelican

Officiant/church: Larissa Gartus

Floral: Anthology Co

Hair & Makeup: Tashy Marie Make Up

Dj/Band: DJ Ubi

Bakery: Ana Paz

Catering: Rusty Pelican

Photobooth: Voguishbooth

Invitations: Yolanda Picans

Video: Concepts Lounge Creations

Photo: Orth Photography

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