Bill Baggs & Design District Engagement: Samantha & Prem

They met on the first day of orientation at law school, back in 2004. Fortunately they were placed in the same first-year class section and quickly became best friends. Samantha & Prem spent much of their time throughout the law school years in class together, studying in the library and even going to the gym. Their friendship soon blossomed into the love today they share for each other.

Although they are quite busy with their careers, they make sure to keep up the fun. They enjoy a good amount of joking and competition with each other. They enjoy traveling to off-the-beaten paths (some would say dangerous) destinations, taking very long walks throughout New York City and spending time with family and friends.

They fell in love in a big New York way, and they continue to dream about their life looking forward to becoming husband and wife. Today we took them for a fun engagement session as they plan a beautiful wedding in Florida, during the next few months.

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