Riverside Walk Ft Lauderdale Engagement: Llinette + Eric

Nineteen years ago, moving to Florida from New York, LLinette would have never thought she was going to meet the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They were introduced by her cousin, and very quickly a spark shined between them two.

Eric asked her out on a date that she had to cancel later on. Luckily for her he did a second attempt and invited her to the movies. She still remembers till this day how special it was watching “US Marshall” which took place in Queens, New York where she is from. Llinette loved it since she had recently moved from NY; “so he sure got me on that first date”, she said. They were having such a nice time, she just couldn’t stop talking the entire night. It felt right since the very beginning. Till this day she still gets that love nervous feeling around him.

Nineteen years together of funny and special memories including a wonderful son, Jaden. Eric had stolen Llinette’s heart so it’s about time she steals his last name. We can’t wait to be part of this lovely celebration.

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